Cross Platformality stuff

Posted March 1, 2007 by kristoferwhite
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I did some minor tweaking to the code that wxGlade shot out. It works (and looks decent) in multiple platforms now. I need to do a FreeBSD virtual machine to give it a go in. I’d like to do an OS X one too, but there are butt loads of legality issues there that I’m not touching…



Imagecloud GUI update

Posted February 26, 2007 by kristoferwhite
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I’ve been pretty busy with school, so I haven’t had much time to update this beast. I’ve gotten done though. That’s my personal server, so if it goes down, you know why. I’ve also moved over to a Debian Etch install, and it’s sweet


C is in

Posted February 8, 2007 by kristoferwhite
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I’ve been working on IC in C (that’s kinda’ fun to say in the “J2 in the ER” way*). I did a paste, it’s at [dead paste] , but it’s only good for 24hrs, so it might not be there when you click. Otherwise, check: . No, the site isn’t finished either.

*See “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil” from Adult Swim or

It’s been a while

Posted January 16, 2007 by kristoferwhite
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Well, classes have resumed. not much happened over break. I didn’t accomplish anything I planned on, besides the first chapter of C. IC has a gui (too alpha to share). and… for the geek / nerd in us all:

You scored as Wizard. You are a wizard. Through reading books and leanring the histoy of the mistakes in the world, you figure out a way to revamp them and figure out the answer on your own. You search for the unknown and thus is why you know how to use sparkly magic thingies!

















What D&D class are you?
created with

Lack of creative themes

Posted December 23, 2006 by kristoferwhite
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So, I’m back in Enlightenment. It was my first X11 Windowmanager, and it is still my favorite. The thing I love the most has to be the creativity that it allows for in theme-ing. Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT theme. I’m far to lame to pull that off. What bothers me is the lack of creativity that I have appearing in the theme realm. My source for this opinion is , so if someone has a better site or example, please let me know. The thing is, most “themes” or “skins” are damn Aqua clones, or XP/Aero-like. Wtf? Where are the Bluesteels and eChaos of today? I know it seems like many people are moving to DM’s rather than WM’s, but come on folks. Luckily, E17 looks pretty good so far. I’m just waiting for a client stable enough for me to run in every day usage (I tried it, but I had a few too many segfaults for my taste).

Luxury of Break

Posted December 21, 2006 by kristoferwhite
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Seeing as how my classes are now out for the winter break, and I’m back to my FreeBSD box, I have a chance to work on a few things. First off, I plan to be done with the C Book (‘The C Programming Language” by Kernighan and Ritchie), touched on my Greek Lessons, and most importantly (okay, so it’s not the most important, the C book will probably help a lot with this…) is to make the Songbird Media Player ( work in FreeBSD. Using the patch provided (some bugzilla posing) and the Apple makefile, it will supposedly compile. All I’ve managed to achieve so far is an arse load of errors with the make files and missing operations in the if statements. Good thing I’ve got nothing but time on my hands.

P.S.: A gui for imagecloud is in the pipeline too.

I Love Amazon

Posted December 20, 2006 by kristoferwhite
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