Pascal Class and School in general

Why is it that classes feel compelled to assign homework, en masse, when I am just starting to think I can get some time off?  I had an arse-load of Pascal homework due (8 pages of questions, typed in Courier New, 10pt, single spaced, not including the answers) and a group presentation due in English. I was really hoping to get to work on ImageCloud (a gui would be nice…) and maybe try it in C. I am part of the way through Chapter 2 in my C book, and still remembering it all. Enum is the next topic. Can’t complain too much though. It’s nice to be back in school after two years. May not be IIT or UIUC, but it’s progress, and that’s what really matters, no? Oh, my check cleared so Apple is going to fix my iPod now. w00t.

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