Gift cards and Storage

Well, nothing is really going on. JJC ran an online survey about their website and offered a random drawing for one of two $25 dollar gift cards. I won one. Decided it was time to move past my sad 12GB 5400RPM drive, to a fancy-shmancy 250GB 7200RPM 16MB Sata drive. It’ll be nice to have breathing room, plus a Linux install again. It did set me back $66.49 out-of-pocket, but when I get my laptop I can just put the HDD into an external enclosure (which I already own). In the end, I’m down to about 53% of the way to the laptop, but I’m hopoing that “Santa” will help me out this Christmas. Oh, yeah, I get walls for my bedroom tomorrow too. Kick ass, eh?


Some quick math showed that if you forget the $100-MIR , I’m about 58.2% of the way there, with only needing $373.18 .

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