It’s been a while. I recieved the new hard drive from BestBuy, and I can’t express how nice it is to have space again. With the new freedom, I decided to forego installing linux, and give this FreeBSD thing a try. I’m finding it to be rather nice. It’s as simple to get into as linux ( pkg_add -r pkgname where as I’m used to yum install pkgname ), and the linux compatibility layer is phenominal.  I was able to sit down and simply type cd /usr/ports/games/linux-nwnclient && sudo make install clean to get it and Neverwinter Nights going. All is not flawless though. I’m having problems getting the game’s quest mode going. I can get the demo modules going, and through the create-a-character screen, but it fails when trying to load the intro to Chapter1.nwm . Media playback is perfect, as is web browsing. I can’t really complain, plus I can use the great Beastie wallpapers now 🙂

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