ImageCloud has a Green Light!

I finally got the review back on the ImageCloud proposal. The teacher green lighted it (as the title say 😉 ).

My Proposal:
Project Description:
ImageCloud was born out desperation. I thought the project up after going through my hard drive and finding folders of images that had no clean naming scheme. Like many digital cameras, they had names like DCM234620.JPG. Sure, Windows could rename them coming of the camera, but I don’t (won’t) use Windows.
The benefits of ImageCloud versus other photo album software are that unlike generic albums, ImageCloud takes a more human approach. People don’t usually categorize a single image off a single word. A picture of a forest could be described as “nature,” “trees,” “green,” “photo,” “streams,” or “forest.” With normal directory structures, this would require a large number of folders and sub-folders. This model is time consuming and unnatural to navigate. With ImageCloud, you would ‘tag’ a photo of a forest with the forementioned tags, and any single one would be able to recognize it. Clean, simple, and fast.
Expected Outputs:

  • List of photos matching tag
  • Gallery of photos matching tag (if we get that far in class)
  • Cloud of tags to browse by (if we get that far in class)

Required Inputs:

  • A list of files to store in the database
  • A directory of folders
  • List of tags per photo

Brief Code Description:
The code will consist of a set of procedures (or objects if we get into OOP). They will be responsible for searching through the directories for images [using findfirst / findnext or glob depending on the OS ran on], getting a list of tags per image, writing to / appending the database, and output.

The Response:
“OK, Greenlight.

Excellent idea. Althouh there are many photo albums out there this does have the unique twist that gives it the green light.

I would like a program like this.

BTW, do you envision renaming the files as well?

I do use the XP copy function to do that and create folders with sortable (by date) and descriptive names.
One problem I have with this is that it does not check for pre-exisiting files and will actually overwrite any with the same name – oops if you have also selected the Delete after copy function.
So recommend that you check for that.”

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