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Since classes are wrapping up, and my dependence for Internet Explorer fades away, I get to go back to FreeBSD. I don’t know why I like it more; I can’t find a single rationale. All I know is that ports are fun. I had a few, *minor* hiccups while installing. Once was the fact it didn’t like my two DOS partitons, each being primary. To fix it, I simply converted one to NTFS, although in the process it seems to have lost my Las Vegas episodes. Luckily, my cartoons remained intact. I also did some digging in the /usr/ports folder and found that all the qemu stuff was in there (qemu, kqemu-kmod, and qemu-launcher), which is cool. I couldn’t find those in yum when I was running fedora. I does seem, however, with the kqemu-kmod loaded, the Win2k install takes a litte longer. Wonder why…

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