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Blogging Clients in Fedora6

November 27, 2006

I did some searching around today. I tried Gnome-Blog, Drivel, BloGTK and another (who’s name escapes me) with the multiple user setup that WordPress uses. So far, I have only managed to get Drivel and BloGTK to work. It looks like Gnome-Blog would work, but it keeps appending /wordpress/xmlrpc.php to the end of what you enter. This is a problem when (in my case) I wanted to enter . Drivel and BloGTK let me enter the whole URL, with out appending anything to my string. In the end, I chose Drivel. It automagically picked up my categories; BloGTK didn’t.


Brutal ATi Drivers — I think.

October 30, 2006

Man, these past two days I’ve been trying to help Pat get his box going with Fedora, but the damn graphics card won’t work. That is to say, the card works, but will not load the appropriate drivers or something. It has to do with DRI/DRM and the agp port. I don’t know if it is something we are doing (I doubt it though, I’ve ran Fedora+ATi many times) or some odd issue with the hardware combo. We are going to try an nVidia card next. Here’s hoping…

[When I find the pastes, I’ll post the errors from dmesg here]

FC6 and painful essays

October 29, 2006

I should be working on my essay right now. I just can’t get into it. Shouldn’t have spent my day working on getting Fedora Core 6 going. It is nice to be back in a *nix environment. Programming is so much more natural feeling here, although that is probably because it is where I started more than anything else. I wish Windows could move to a unix-like OS, you know, how Mac did? Take their already existing interface, Aero, and make it a graphical server like Aqua. Sure, it’d probably take an arse-load of work, but for ALL major OSs to have a commonality like that would be awesome. Anyway, FC6 is nice. The new, dna-like look (yes, dna, not noodles. Get it? “Fedora is in your DNA?”) is real snazzy. The Distro has a nice dark, semi-gothic feel to it, which IMO is FAR superior to that hell that is *buntu. Yes, *buntu. Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Fubuntu (rumors), Nubuntu (Paddy…), Edubuntu. All of them are the *buntu hell. I should get back to my essay, although, I’m very tired of talking about racism. I think I’ll just make stuff up from here on out 😉